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Chatting with a Three’s Company Memorabilia Collector

Greetings, fans! I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled program of episode guides to interview Sacha, a serious collector of authentic Three’s Company memorabilia! His unique collection caught my eye a while back and keeps getting better, so I finally decided to go and knock on his door and ask him some questions. You can view his fabulous Three’s Company wonderland by following his Instagram account and visiting his website (which features other cool tidbits about the show, too). Enjoy!

Q: Hello, and welcome to The Kids in 201 blog! So…obviously you are a huge Three’s Company fan. How did you first discover the show?
A: It’s funny to think about this but growing up in Canada in the 1980’s, I remember watching Three’s Company as a kid and when I say a kid, I mean 4-5 years old! If memory serves me right, it ran on Thursday nights around 7 pm [in syndication] and this was built into my bedtime routine. Dukes of Hazards, then Three’s Company, then bath, then bed! When the Three’s Company episode finished, I knew it was bedtime. I think I was attracted to the show at that age more so because of the physical comedy – Jack doing backflips over the couch, Mr. Roper smiling at the camera, Mr. Furley hyperventilating when things go wrong, etc.

Q: Do you have a favorite episode or season? How about favorite character?

A: My favourite episode by far, is the Season 2 episode “Days of Beer and Weeds.” I just loved that they had so many set changes and that we saw so many areas that we never saw before such as the Ropers garden, the Police Station and the Community Center.  (Jack pretending that the garden hose is a snake and that it attacks his neck always makes me laugh. 😉) As for my favorite character, I’d have to say Jack but all the characters worked so well together that as a whole, they all made it work.

A small sample of Sacha’s collection. (via
Q: How long have you been collecting Three’s Company memorabilia? What sparked your interest in curating a collection?
A: I’ve only been collecting for a couple of years to be honest. I read Chris Mann’s excellent book (Come and Knock on our Door) and he had pictures of memorabilia in there that I had never seen before, nor did I know existed. He also did an online interview that I read ( and he mentioned that there was limited memorabilia released which sparked my interest further. Finally, I also have to say that coming across your website and seeing the wonderful work you did in identifying the décor of the apartment, made me want to explore this area more and I have since added a lot of the décor (not screen used) to my collection as well! I recently had a mini diorama of the set made for me using your website as reference and my overall goal is to one day buy some land and recreate the set into an actual functional apartment!

Q: Thank you so much! That is so wonderful to hear, and the idea of a full Apartment 201 recreation is exciting. Now, tough decision time: What is your favorite item so far? 

A: It’s hard to say and I mean that in the most modest sense. I’d have to say owning John Ritter’s shoes (signed by John Ritter, Suzanne Somers and Audra Lindley) is special as it bring me back to a time when John and Suzanne were so close.  I also love that John signed the back of the shoe with “Jack Tripped Here.” I also own a pencil box used by Production Associate Carol Summers when she worked on the show signed by many cast members including John Ritter. She told me that any time during rehearsal, if changes needed to be made to the script, all of the stars of the show would scramble and dip into that box to grab a pencil /eraser, etc which is pretty neat! Finally, I’m rambling here, but I also have Budd Grossman’s script binder that he used while he worked on the show which I love. As you can see, it’s hard to chose just one!

Q: Here’s the question that you probably get asked most often: Where do you find this stuff?! Do you dare reveal your sources?

A: Ahhhhh, the dreaded question! If I reveal my sources then perhaps my future collection gets smaller with others gobbling up the awesome things out there. I have to remain tight lipped! I will tell you that posting my collection online has helped spread the word and that I have been contacted by fellow collectors looking to sell me their goods which has worked well as this is how I obtained John Ritter’s signed shoes.

Q: Is there a piece of Three’s Company memorabilia that you don’t have but would love to acquire some day?

A: I have heard that Joyce DeWitt has the original Life poster that hung by the front door in Apartment 201. I know it’s a pipe dream, but I think that it would be amazing to add this to my collection one day. It would definitely be the ultimate piece to add.

One view of Sacha’s scale diorama of Apartment 201! See hi-res photos and more angles at

Q: The variety of your collection is amazing, and I love how it goes beyond the main cast—you’ve scooped up items that belonged to crew members, too. Have you ever met any of the cast or crew?

A: Unfortunately, I haven’t. Living in Canada, it is difficult to get exposure to the people that I grew up idolizing.  My collection really started in the past few years and by that time, we unfortunately lost John Ritter, Don Knotts, Audra Lindley and Norman Fell who I would have all loved to meet. I recently wrote a letter to Joyce DeWitt, I’ve chatted with Priscilla Barnes on Facebook and have also learned a lot from Carol Summers (via email) who worked on the show. If I need to confirm the authenticity of something that I find and consider buying, she’s been an awesome resource to me on what’s real and what’s not!

Q: Wow, that’s amazing! Are there other vintage TV shows you love?
A: Yes! A few of my other favourites were Sanford and Son, The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (maybe not so vintage!).

Q: If someone wanted to start collecting television memorabilia, what advice would you give them? Any lessons you’ve learned along the way? 

A: I think that main thing is that when you start out collecting, don’t over pay for things on auction sites! The first time I was looking for TV Guides, posters or puzzles, I would buy the first one’s I saw thinking that they wouldn’t come up on auction again. After you’ve been collecting a while, you really learn what’s rare and what’s not. So take your time, do your research and don’t over pay.  The item will come up again at a lower price, just be patient for it. Obviously, this only applies for official merchandise that was mass released. For original scripts, etc that are one of a kind, unfortunately you’ll have to pay as much as you’re comfortable in paying as these won’t come around very often!

Another thing for those living outside of the USA who purchase items online is to consider getting a US mailing address. I lost out on a lot of awesome things because sellers wouldn’t ship to Canada. Now that I have a US address for them to ship to, it makes life a whole lot easier in respect to adding to my collection.

Thank you, Sacha, for generously sharing your words and amazing memorabilia with all of us! I know I am looking forward to see what will be added next.  –The Kids in 201  

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